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Know what happens on February 14th?

Wrong. It’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Day. Finally, a reason to not slit my wrists every mid-February. Oh, but I only jest. I could take or leave Valentine’s Day, but it was only today that I found out halfway-nudie magazine day coincided with that very over-saturated-in-pink holiday.

Aside from pages upon pages of beautiful beach-front scenery, they also have cell phone wallpapers available for download at only $1.99/pop. Now, if it weren’t for my adorable puppy alway being on my wallpaper, I would head straight on over to the Heidi Klum collection and find somethin’ purdy. After all, I know I can’t ever get enough of her during Project Runway, and now you never have to say Auf Wiedersehen to her once the season is over. That’s just how much I love her inspiring opinions of potential clothing designers. Unfortunately, there are no pictures of Seal in a swimsuit for all those folks not interested in what Heidi has to offer.

Or, there’s always the former Mrs. Uncle Jesse, Rebecca Romijn, who kind of reminds me of what I’m sure to look like during my Caribbean vacation next month. Stop your laughing, you.

And really, despite the fact that this is is the 43rd annual Swimsuit edition, those are the only ones I could probably really recognize in a lineup. But I’m sure the other ones look great, too.

Note: No hand lotion is included with the purchase of this magazine.

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