now with a glossary!

A lot of my fine readers have been around for years and I take advantage of that by not always spelling things out or including every raw detail of something that my relate to my past. I mean, why wouldn’t everyone on the face of this Earth have been reading since the late 90s? I know I would.

Thanks to the WordPress Glossary Plugin, I may have found a solution for all of those you relatively new readers that may feel as if you’re standing outside in the dark of my fabulous world.

Per their request for an unbiased opinion, I downloaded the plugin (you can do right here) and installed it, which took me all of about 45 seconds and that even gave me time to throw my puppy’s stuffed frog down the hall twice. I entered the first of what I would imagine will be many, many terms that I use here on a regular basis, and bam – now everything in my life will soon be as clear as day for the random reader.

I’d actually been thinking about doing this for years (really), but I’m lazy and didn’t want to code it by myself. We all know it would have ended up being done in FrontPage with animated .gifs all over the place had that taken place anyway. If it’s automated, I’m all about it. I really couldn’t believe how easy this was.

I better get some thank yous for this, people. I’m so user-friendly it makes cry real tears.

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