minus 9

I don’t have any kids. At least not any with less than four legs. Maybe that doesn’t qualify me for bitching about people that do have kids, but don’t worry – I’m fully prepared to take the wrath.

I stopped at the gas station this morning, because bottles of Mountain Dew are on sales between 5am and 9am. I don’t know why either, but you can be damn sure I’m taking advantage of the 2 bottle limit for my favorite co-worker guy and I.

This morning I pulled up and got out of my car just as a lady was getting her baby out of the backseat, and leaving her dog in the car. Keep in mind the minus 9 in the subject line here was the temperature outside. I thought maybe she needed some milk for the baby or some eggs to cook everyone breakfast. Those would be somewhat tolerable reasons to go to the gas station at 8am when it’s cold enough to freeze spit coming out of your mouth.

Instead, it was a pack of Marlboro Menthol cigarettes she needed. But when the gas station cashier asked her if her baby was warm enough, she let us all know that baby was used to running to the store to get cigarettes all the time. A little cold weather wasn’t going to hurt him!

Cigarettes. Mint ones. With an infant. In arctic temperatures. Makes complete sense to me!

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  1. Desi

    That’s frigging annoying. I saw a guy on Hwy 100 south with his WINDOW down today! All the way! And not just for a second, either, it was down for as long as I saw him, and he had his elbow resting outside like it was 80 degrees out.

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