are any of you pilots?

In a little over six weeks, I’ll be going on an 8 day Eastern Caribbean cruise with Jenni and Stephanie. The cruise is paid for, but right now, we don’t have a way to get to our big boat!

We embark the ship (I’ve been studying my ship words) in Fort Lauderdale (FLL) on March 25th. In the midst of our multiple daily checks on airfare to FLL, we’ve come to realize that the flight times suck. And by suck, I mean, if we fly there, we’re going to miss our boat. My theory is that there are plenty of rowboats at the port and we can just paddle our way to the cruise ship and then shimmy up a rope that the ship surely has thrown over the side. That could be incorrect, though.

I can’t count the # of times Jenni and I have instant messaged each other with “airline update!”, because crap. It sucks.

We’ve decided to fly into Orlando, because we have a place where we can stay over night the day before the flight for free. Then the morning of the 25th, we’ll rent a car and drive from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale. When we get back to shore on April 1st, we’ll rent another car and drive back to Orlando to catch a flight. This is our best/cheapest option and it’s not pretty in the least.

Obviously, the time frame is putting us right in the middle of prime spring break time, so that’s not really in our favor at all. I’m glad we got such an incredible deal on the cruise (we paid considerably less than what the site’s currently showing), because airfare is gonna take a big bite out of my Drinking while in the Caribbean Fund!

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