google is a fine name

I think my first child and/or next pet will be named Google. It’s a strong name and basically rules my life, so why not name an offspring – animal or otherwise – after it?

Jenni and I are trying to organize the Truffle Making Bonanza this weekend, and we were trying to locate our recipe from last year, but nobody really had the exact one we did and we were starting to get a little frustrated for various reasons. And then I realized – GMAIL WILL STILL HAVE IT.

Sure enough. I located the recipe document from last year in my Archived email, and then magically opened it with Google’s Documents and Settings so that Jenni could view and/or edit it.

Then, I added my truffling plans for the weekend to my Google calendar, which conveniently text messages me 30 minutes before everything I have listed on my calendar.

Google Berry. It’s beautiful.

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