perfect for a committment-phobe like me

I don’t really talk much about my personal life in great detail. I usually give you vague information and let you draw your own conclusions, because I figure you’re all creative enough as it is. Consider this a treat.

A couple of weeks ago, I met someone at a bar. Yeah, classy, I know, but it kinda works for me. We hang out once a weekend and I can carry on with my life the way I like it during the week. However, I may be the only one that thinks this way between the two of us.
Between rendezvouses, one of us texts and/or calls constantly. That one of us isn’t me. Today alone I’ve gotten 11 text messages and only two of those have been returned.

It also helps matters, as far as I’m concerned, that there’s a good hour’s drive between us, which gives me the perfect excuse not to be able to schedule anything during the week. Throw in photography class and the occasional appearance at fightknitting club and the laundry I keep using as an excuse, and really, the only time I have to get together is on the weekend.

However, someone (again not me) has to ruin it by trying to be in constant contact and trying to get together all week long. It’s frustrating and annoying during the week when I’m trying to carry on my awesome lifestyle (like going to see Alpha Dog tonight by myself thankyouverymuch), but the dividends on the weekend are paying off well enough to make me almost forget the barrage of daily texts saying “so, what’s up?”.

I’ll tell you what’s up. Your phone bill if you don’t have unlimited text messages, my friend.

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  1. Amy

    :) I totally understand. But it does sound like this guy might want a bit more :) have you ever said, “hey…weekend guy….I like you on the weekends….anything other than that will make my head explode.”


    Good job though.

  2. So maybe I’m a committmentphobe who’s been married seven years. But all that constant contact gives me the heebees.

    The dividends had better be mind-blowing to put up with that shit.

    I’m in a knitting fight club, too. Last week one of my fellow knitters threw a table. Seriously. It was awesome.

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