date a millionaire!

For you long time readers, it’s not going to come as a surprise to you that I used to be a big fan of online dating. I’ve kind of abandoned the dating aspect of it now, and have wound up meeting pretty much some of the coolest people ever from different online sources.

However, if I were to decide to get back into the whole online hook up arena, I might start at a site called Millionaire Singles. I mean, why wouldn’t I, right?

It looks like this particular site is still relatively new and just because the word millionaire is in the URL, it doesn’t exactly mean everyone on there is rolling in the dough, which is kind of disappointing.

I did a search for 200 miles within my zip code, which would include heavily populated places like, you know, Minneapolis and St. Paul, but turns out the site isn’t much for the same sex matchmaking. Like at all. So, yeah.

One more dating site among the hundreds that are already out there, so why not sign up at this one, too? There’s probably a cliche about not leaving any stone unturned, but I can’t remember it.

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