there’s no reason for me not to move to vegas (pt 1)

(I started writing, but this got way too long, so here’s the summary of Friday in Vegas.) 

It was my first trip to Vegas last weekend, the closest thing that I had come to casinos was playing online bingo on sites like and I don’t think it would have been possible for it to be anymore awesome than it ended up being.

Friday afternoon, I shoved way too many clothes into my suitcase and waited for Jenni to pick me up. I was excited enough about it that I texted her to make sure she hadn’t forgotten me and was waiting outside when she pulled up to my building. No, she wasn’t late. I was just that wound up about our impending trip.

We packed up her Mini and headed over to Bill and Katie’s, where we were joined by Jumi and partook in in a pre-flight cocktail. Jenni’s dad brought the airport shuttle minivan to pick us up, and we were off to the airport after a stop at the transit station to pick up Matt.

We checked in at the lesser of two terminals and headed straight to Granddaddy’s, the first bar we saw inside the gate. After a shot of Maker’s Mark for everyone except Katie and a Bud Light chaser for me, we headed over to the gate for pre-boarding. No sooner than we posed for a couple of pictures was it time to load up our Sun Country 737 and head west.

The six of us took up a whole row, which for some reason made me extremely giddy. Some of your best friends to your left [picture] and some to your right [picture]? How could it not be an awesome flight, ya know?

Since it was basically an after-the-work-day Friday flight to Vegas, the plane was packed. But since it was a longer flight, Sun Country not only provided us with one drink (a Mimosa), they also ponied up for a second drink (another Bud Light, of course), and a SammichSammich [picture] (the most horrible grilled cheese in all the land).

We uneventfully landed and headed through the jetway into Vegas, baby. We were met like rockstars with our limo driving holding a sign that said Team Awesome. Yes, we needed a limo and yes, we needed a sign telling all of Las Vegas how awesome we were. They were only about to find out. Our limo driver was not all that happy that we wanted to take a picture of him with our sign, so we didn’t pressure him [picture].

After loading up our first limo for the weekend [picture], we popped open our first bottle of champagne, and headed from the airport to our hotel, Excalibur. The temperatures may have been in the 30s, but I still needed to have my window down. It would be somewhat appropriate that the first actual hotel I saw along the strip was Hooters [picture]. And why I hadn’t taken anyone seriously when they said our hotel was a CASTLE, I will never know [picture].

Check in took place without any problem and only spent enough time in our rooms to jump on the bed (maybe that was just me) and four of us headed downstairs. The other two needed a bit more time to do something that I’m completely unsure of. Right.

After we’d reconvened at the nickel slot machines by the front desk at our hotel, we headed across the skyway to New York, New York. I was immediately mesmerized by all the neon lights and just everything happening everywhere. I may have exploded from excitement a few times.

The nutrition from airplane SammichSammich had been long forgotten and we found Gonzalez Y Gonzalez, the first place that didn’t have a waiting list fourteen miles long. We had Mexican food and margaritas that were a foot long before we headed back out into the casino to win it big screw around for a while.

We were soon ready to move on down the strip. We walked along the sidewalk, where I picked up free porn magazines and trading cards with hookers on them. We walked through the Bellagio, which was just as awesome I’d seen on TV [picture] and into none other than the Barbary Coast. We stayed there for a couple of hours, if for no reason than to watch the typical casino lounge band rock out to Journey and Bon Jovi. There was a guy with a keytar and they had a wind machine to blow the lead singer’s hair back – you wouldn’t have been able to leave either.

Before heading back to the most magical castle in all the land, we swung into the Flamingo for a while. Without an awesome cover band like the Barbary Coast and due to the fact that it was about 5 a.m. Minnesota time, we didn’t stay too long before making our trek back to the hotel. We called it a good 3:30 a.m. bedtime. Everyone was convinced they’d sleep until noon, but I knew I wouldn’t.


  1. Michele

    Getting a ride to the Las Vegas sign was a smart idea! When we were there in June we decided to walk from Mandalay Bay. Bad idea! It was a long walk and very hot! On our return trip to Mandalay Bay we stopped at the seediest of casinos, The Klondike to enjoy their advertised “Buck Margarita.” That helped cool us down, but taking a taxi would have been smart!

    Here’s a pic of us at the sign:

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