where i introduce you to lounge music

I’m sure you will all agree that I don’t have the best taste in music. I’ve never been ashamed of that or tried to deny it, because it’s just kind of impossible when it’s as obvious as it is.

I was out Friday night and heard the song Baby Got Back. Only it wasn’t the regular Baby Got Back; it was the lounge singer version… by Richard Cheese. Here it is on YouTube. Totally worth it.

Equally as funny? His remake of Gin and Juice.

If I wasn’t on The Great Budget Watch of 2007, I would be purchasing every CD he’s ever made, because who doesn’t love a) lounge music and b) leopard skin jackets? I, however, have a week long cruise to take in a little over two months and need to make sure my money bags are full for the Eastern Caribbean islands.

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