as long as it’s gone by march

There are a few things that may have transpired this weekend that could be to blame as a source of my continuing cough and runny nose. Sharing drinks with my plague-infested friends, making out with more than one person, not wearing a coat Friday night – yeah, I think any one of those three things could be the cause.

I went to urgent care last week (hey, it’d been like two months!) because I haven’t been able to shake the same cough I’ve had since early December. The solution was prescription cough syrup with Codeine I was only to take at night. I didn’t fill it, because I’m coughing all day and Nyquil solves the problem overnight. I may be going back to see my friends there sometime, because really I need this mucous-producing, smoker’s cough to come to an end.

See what happens when I spend the day not leaving my apartment? I have to talk to someone and the Internet is my someone.

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