a little excited for vegas

I’ll be in Vegas in less than 36 hours. I’m not really all that excited. Right.

I kinda let Bill and Jenni and everyone else who’d been there handle something I really didn’t want to touch – Hotel Reservations. We knew we wanted to be as close to the strip as possible without having to use our internal organs to pay the bill. They did a really good job of finding a great deal at Excalibur, where we’re actually close enough to walk to any place we may want to visit.

Next time I go? HotelReservations.com. Seriously.

I was pricing hotels in Vegas this morning, just to make sure we’re not missing out on an incredible deal or anything. And while we’re really not, I definitely wish I would have known about this site when we were booking.

It lets you pick the landmark that you want your hotel closest to. Now, the other sites we used had “Strip” as a landmark, but this site lets you pick the center of the strip or one end of it, etc. It’s super convenient and handy for a Vegas Dummy like me.

Not only does it give you an easy way and friendly to the pocketbook way to find a good place to stay, the rest of the site gives you a ton of details on the area you’re visiting. For instance, a marriage licenses in Clark did you know that to get a divorce in Las Vegas, you have to have been a Nevada resident for at least six weeks? While that only somewhat thwarts my plan to marry a complete stranger while in Vegas, it does give me an idea on what I’ll be facing in divorce court a few months from now. Anybody know how to become a resident of Nevada for, oh I don’t know, maybe six weeks?

Man, I seriously just spent way too long reading a whole hell of a lot of information about my weekend destination. Now I just have to put it to good use. That is if I even feel like going to Vegas tomorrow. Ha.