so i saw some movies

I’ve been to the theater a few times over the course of the last month, and I’d forgotten how much I enjoy just sitting in stadium seating with all of the lights out and enjoying a movie every now and then.

The Holiday – I was actually supposed to be going to see We Are Marshall that night, but the line at the box office was the longest thing in the world and we were scared we’d miss the beginning of the movie. We opted for The Holiday and still sat through 30 minutes (no lie) of previews. I loved this movie a lot. Like a whole lot. I even loved Cameron Diaz and Jude Law very much, and those are two people who are not my favorites. It was a super cute movie and I’m pretty sure you’ll love it, no matter who you are. I knew I’d love it because of two words: Jack Black. I’m totally buying this when it’s out on DVD.

Dreamgirls – True confession? I love musicals. A lot. I’m not entirely comfortable with sharing that secret with all of you, but there it is. Aside from the fact that I normally want Beyonce to move to the left, to the left, I think she was pretty much irreplaceable in this movie. She was honestly awesome. But even more awesome? Jennifer Hudson. Holy American Idol. If she doesn’t win some type of big award for her performance, which their calling “supporting”, then there’s something sorely wrong with the Academy or the Golden Globes or whatever else refuses her an award. She was amazing. Jamie Foxx played sleazy a little too well for me and Eddie Murphy was a complete riot. Even Urkel got a part. It was good, but I think I loved the soundtrack more than I actually loved the movie.

We Are Marshall – Hi, I cried. I knew the premise of the movie, so I was prepared for that, but there was a scene or two involving the “We Are… Marshall” chant that brought way too many tears to my eyes. I am a sissy. I’m not a fan of Matthew McConaughey and this movie didn’t help matters much. I also realized I’m only a fan of Matthew Fox when he’s shirtless and running around a scary island on an ABC television series. It was a sports movie; the story of it is no secret. I liked that part of it. I just thought it was poorly executed compared to the potential I thought it had.

So, I’ve admitted to you that I enjoy musicals and that I cried during a movie. Any other big secrets you were looking to get out of me?

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  1. Amy

    I felt the same way about We Are Marshall. I knew t he premise…I’d seen the previews…and I still bawled.

    As far as Matthew McConaughey…I’m only a fan of his when I can see his bare ass…but he didn’t do too badly as a character actor….I could have been worse…

    And Matthew Fox….I don’t care WHAT he is doing..he’s DREAMY…even WITH Red Hair. :)

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