the stores have seen the end of me

At least as far as gift buying is concerned. I need to make one more quick jaunt to pick up one last minute idea and then I’m calling it quits. Except for, of course, the run to a few local establishments when I get back to Missouri to pick up the regular gift cards for my family that lives there. But that’s the easy part.

I always want to buy for so many people in my life that it’s not even funny. I have to draw a line somewhere and this year, it’s been – Family Only.

One day, though, after I hit it rich either participating in a giant heist, making it big at a tight end in the NFL (since my rotator cuff injury has blown my chances in baseball), or marrying Justin Timberlake, I’m sending everybody – and I mean everybody – I know one thing. Gift Baskets.

From that site alone, I’m pretty certain I could find something for everyone I know, including my 82 year old grandpa who is the most impossible man ever when it comes to gift giving, because he has everything. Except a wireless rain gauge, which he’s getting from me this year.

But seriously, who wouldn’t like a nice little gift basket showing up at their work one day? I’m bookmarking this site for when I do have the financial means to gift everyone in the world that’s ever been a part of my social circle a gift. Hopefully, they’ll still have their current promotion going on where you can use the coupon code “buymore” and get save 5% on your order. But then again, when I’m rich, who needs to save 5%?

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  1. Per your suggestion, I have stopped using Greymatter. I just started up with WordPress tonight.

    It’s a really easy program, thanks for the heads-up on my outdated methods. :D

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