awesome christmas

I shamelessly stole this photo from Bill and the bottom photo from Jenni, because they were too awesome not to share. I write about my friends all the time, but this is actually how close we all really are!

We had our $3 gift exchange and it was hilarious and also explains why I’m wearing safety goggles in the above picture. This is also the 3rd or 4th picture where the only evidence of Jumi in the photo is HER HAND. I swear she’s there. She’s just incognito or something.

The pink book I’m holding? It’s a scrapbook. Signed by my friends. It’s so awesome. I want to scan every page and share it. Seriously.

A lot of inappropriate behavior later, including an all-girls meeting in the shower, our Awesome Christmas was over, but not before there were an insane amount of pictures taken, some of which I’m not linking because safety goggles and dangly earrings are not exactly flattering.

In short, and as evidence from the below picture, Awesome Christmas Rocks!

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