my friends are awesome

Last night was one of those nights where I realized something again – my friends are awesome people. Sure, they’re awesome to hang out with and awesome to party with on a regular basis. That’s a given to me and probably to anyone that looks at my billions of pictures of them all being awesome.

We all (eight of us) convened at Target in yesterday’s evening-tide to go shopping for a family we’d adopted for Christmas through The Aliveness Project. Despite the non-helpful and rude Target employees that rammed a large clothing rack into Jenni’s backside, we did an amazing job. We split up the family (a single mom and her seven kids) and after we were all finished, it was more than obvious that we’d all put in a lot of effort into what we’d picked out for the kids and their mom.

The list that the folks from The Aliveness Project hand out is filled out by the parent(s) and lists the things that they need and the kids need. It really pulls at the ol’ heart strings to read that a single mom needs a blanket or a bath mat or a some pot holders for Christmas.

We managed to get something that each person requested, along with some winters clothes for all of the kids. Jumi and Cindi clearly had the most fun shopping for the 5 year old boy, and I was absolutely no help at all assisting Jenni and Stephanie in finding hair care products for the 13 year old girl that lists “doing hair” as one of her hobbies. Matt and Bill did some male bonding while they shopped for the middle child who also happened to be a boy, and will soon be the proud owner of some awesome Nerf toys. Katie and Kaye made sure the mom was set with some great stuff on her list and found some movies to include for the family.

$365 worth of shopping and we’d just made one family have a Christmas they wouldn’t be able to have without us. That’s awesome.

The really cool thing? Our friend Leslie (who is also doing The 3 Day with us) won a portable DVD player through her work and gave it to us to give to the family.

Part of the 30+ dozen cookies I’m baking tomorrow are going to also go to The Aliveness Project, because they pass out cookies with the gifts as well. And in the grand scheme of things, what’s a few more dozen cookies when you’re making that many, right?

Speaking of which, there’s still a little bit of time to order cookies!