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sd700I’ve generally been pretty good about planning major purchases out – cameras, computers, trips, little gay puppy dogs, etc. But sometimes, when a good deal comes along, you just can’t pass it up, which means one thing – impulse buy!

And impulsively buy I did yesterday when I saw an awesome deal on the Canon PowerShot SD700.

Early in the summer, I’d bought Jenni’s SD400 off of her when she got a new camera, because I’d always wanted to have a little camera to shove into my pocket, but never wanted to spend a lot of money on it. So, I bought it and naturally I absolutely loved it. The majority of my pictures from this summer and fall were taken with it.

I still have my S1 IS and love it for anything I need to zoom in on, but it’s not so convenient to carry around if I don’t want to lug around a bag. Great camera, but I just get spoiled with the ease of shoving it in my pocket and not feeling like I’m packing heat.

Anyway, I just called DHL to have them hold my shipment at their facility so I don’t have to deal with my asshat apartment people and they said it should be there first thing tomorrow morning. Conveniently, delivery wasn’t going to be attempted until Monday. Right.

So, yeah. Merry Christmas to me.

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