a month until vegas

I have laryngitis. Yeah, go on and laugh. It’s going on day 5 and if you’ve ever met me, you know that if there’s one thing I like to do it’s talk. And talk a lot. Riley Pants thinks it’s funny because he can do things and I don’t yell at him. As long as it’s back by the time I go to Vegas in exactly one month, I’ll be just fine.

We’re in the process of getting a hotel secured for our weekend romp in Las Vegas. We’ve had our plane tickets for a while. There are six of us going, so you can be sure there will be more than enough incriminating pictures of the legal activities that take place.

This will be my first trip there, so going with this group of people and just running loose up and down the strip is probably ideal. Besides, the amount of laughing and inappropriate behavior may be enough to cause another round of laryngitis.

If I had more time there, I’d be inclined to do things like catch Prince in his new Vegas performance or snatch up a couple Professional Bull Riders Finals tickets.  Nothing says a well-rounded vacation like a live performance of Pussy Control and being immersed in crowds of cowboys all looking for something wild between their legs.