strokes sounds dirty

As much time as I spend on the internet updating here or anywhere else, reading celebrity gossip, or IM’ing with people, I’ve always thought it would be overly interesting to use some type of keylogger software, just to see what kind of patterns I follow when online.

Like, do I look my blog’s stattracker and then read other blogs? Or do I obsess at WordWhomp on for an hour before I read How many times, while at work, do I type the word DUDE in an instant message conversation? How many times a day do I go to The 3 Day’s site to see how many donations are team has and if we’re still in the top five fundraising teams?

I’m 99% sure my internet-browsing habits are patterned in some type of obsessive manner and while it may not seem normal to nobody else, I’m sure it would make absolute perfect sense to me. Maybe.

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