best christmas shopping ever

My friends* and I are having a gift exchange sometime before Christmas. We didn’t draw names or anything like that. We’re just getting presents for everyone. With one little catch. You only spend $3 per person. There’s a total of ten of us, so the most we’ll be spending? $27 (obviously you don’t buy gifts for yourself).

I’d been pretty worried about my quality and quantity of gifts lately, as I’d only found one gift that was just perfect for someone and had picked up a couple of half ass items in Target’s Dollar Spot that I wasn’t too keen on giving to anyone in particular. But hello, Family Dollar! I finished three people there today, started on a fourth, and even bought myself a cable knit hat and a prop I may need for our Christmas pictures. The best part? I spent less than $12.

*friends seems like such a feeble term for these fine folks, but I don’t know how else to describe them, aside from AWESOME, without sounding like a girl and you know how I hate sounding like a girl.

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