gross is an understatement

My plan was to come home today and write about my lovely Thanksgiving weekend, but the idea was thwarted pretty hardcore when I walked into the normally somewhat pleasant apartment I live in and realized it smelled of human waste. Perhaps that’s because the shower drain had backed up, soaking my entire bathroom floor (along with the pile of dirty clothes I had left in it to wash when I got home). It really looks like dried up shit caked in my shower floor, too. That’s the neat thing about it.

But the super neat thing about it? It’s gotta be the smell. Other peoples shit? SO PLEASANT.

I have to pee really bad right now, but there’s no chance in hell I’m going into that bathroom anytime soon. I’m not too proud to either hang my ass over the balcony or go to the gas station until the smell of ass leaves my apartment. Unfortunately, I don’t think the caked-on crap is going to clear itself up anytime soon.

I’ll accept all offers to clean it, though. Really.

I take that back. The maintenance man is now in my bathroom cleaning out my shower. How generous.