christmas fundraising time

It’s that time. My Christmas tree is up, half of my Christmas shopping is done, so that can only mean one thing – it’s time to start fundraising for the 2007 Susan G Komen Breast Cancer 3 Day. Surely you were expecting it.

Just as we did last year, we’re selling Christmas holiday cookies to get our fundraising off to a big start.

Orders for chocolate chip, shortbread or peanut butter blossom cookies can be placed at This year, we’re charging $6/dozen or $25 for 5 dozen.

Local people: we’ll deliver cookies to you at no additional charge, beginning 12/18. You can pay with cash or check at the time of delivery.

Non-local people: heck yes, we’ll ship them to you. Just add $6 to your total and we can figure out the easiest payment option for you.

Wendy’s hometown people: Riley Pants and I can personally and gladly hand-deliver your cookies the weekend before Christmas!

If you’d like to pass along this information to your friends and/or family, feel free to download either the JPG version of our flyer of the PDF version if you’d like to print it out and hang it on every telephone pole you can possibly find.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Just visit or email me, because seriously? I could talk about The 3 Day for 2098 hours straight. Really.

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