i’m also sunburnt

Less than 12 hours ago, I was poolside half asleep in a lounge chair, covering my face from the intense sunshine with a cowboy hat I’d gotten earlier in the day from a high-level executive at my company.

Now, I’m getting ready to go to my own bed for the first time since last Wednesday morning, crawl under my own down comforter, and watch TV using the channels I know.

Phoenix was fun. SO fun. I feel weird posting most of the pictures I took, because they’re of or with co-workers, and that’s probably not cool. But really? Ton of fun. And it was really the perfectly timed sales conference for me – motivational and exciting enough for me to want to stick around the company for a while longer.

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  1. Most of your coworkers appear to be palm trees. Glad you ended up having fun, since it didn’t sound like you were looking forward to the trip, what with all the begging doctors for excuses. How is your shoulder? And your back? And your foot? Did you injure anything else in Phoenix?

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