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When I used to work at Taco Bell over ten years ago, making something like $5.75 an hour, I used to get absolutely livid that I’d have to work for three whole hours just to fill up the gas tank on my 1991 Honda Civic CRX. But that’s how I got myself through the dreaded 11a.m – 2p.m. shift on Sundays when families just leaving church would stop by for “a six pack of hard tacos with no lettuce and four waters, please”.

It’s not so easy when you get older. Granted you might not get paid on an hourly basis, and you have things like car payments and rent to pay instead of a new pair of pleated Z Cavaricci pants. My point is, though, that the amount I spent at Wal-Mart tonight equals five hours of my pay. And I get paid quite well!

I’m going to start allowing myself one shopping trip a week and it’s going to be timed to under 30 minutes. This constant shopping is going to break the Bank of Wendy, and then I won’t be able to afford to smuggle back gallons of the finest Puerto Rican rum this coming March on The Best Cruise in the World™.

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  1. bertine

    i almost always think of stuff i am buying in term of hours. then i think to myself “would i want to sit at work x number of hours to get this?”

  2. There was a study about ten years ago that correlated the amount of money spent at Walmart in relation to the amount of time spent in the store. It was something like the average shopper spent $10 for every 20 minutes they spent in the store.

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