i had a lot of plans today

They mainly involved watching football and cleaning.

It turned into brunch, a nap, some laundry, a little cleaning, some football, some work-related stuff, playing with my dog, some more cleaning, some Tivo-catching-up, some emailing back and forth, Desperate Housewives, and another nap, which I just woke up from 3 minutes ago and and I couldn’t feel my left hand, mainly because I was sleeping on it.

Tomorrow I head back for two full days of work, which will be interrupted by two doctors’ appointments, one involving the hunt for the reasons behind the pain in my shoulder when I do things as rudimentary as wipe my ass and the other involves allowing a grown man to jump on my back until it pops, both of which I’m sure I will greatly enjoy. What don’t I enjoy? Not being able to figure out why one Fancy Pants of a dog has been sniffing my left knee the entire time I’ve been typing this post.

My imminent departure for Phoenix is scheduled for Wednesday morning, bright and early, where I will attempt to dress like a complete girl for five long, arduous days. I come back late, late Sunday evening, before working another day and a half (from home, no less) and then it’s a long stay in Missouri for Thanksgiving. And then November is nearly over.

I love my life, but get sad when I think about how quickly it all goes by.

And, yes. Yes, that is a sideblog you see. Now to figure out the rest of this business.

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