friday night shopping is the best

Late Night ShoppingFor you long time readers, you’ll remember the annual sales conference I had to go to two years ago in Phoenix. Well, I get to go again next week, so I’m finishing up some shopping. I found out that Kohl’s was having some SUPER SHOPPER SAVER HOUR (or something to that effect) tonight until 11pm. So, after the hockey game ended in a tie (most anti-climatic thing ever), I picked Stephanie up for a trip to one of our 2908 local Kohl’s stores.

$134 later, I have a new pair of shoes, a Pac-Man hoodie, a sweater with what I’ve determined are shark tooth buttons, and a FANCY PANTS suit to wear to Phoenix.

And probably a permanent ban from participating in any late-night sales this particular retail location may plan on having in the future. But I’m okay with that. There are 8 others within a 20 mile radius.

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