i am still broken

But the good news is that twodolla’s been moved over to a server that’s not broken. Yay.

My rotator cuff injury has not improved. After three visits to the physical therapist, he’s suggesting I go back to my doctor and see what else she wants to do. The rotation of my shoulder joint is getting better, but it’s still more than uncomfortable when I lift my arm up to do things like put on my shirt, towel-dry my hair, and carry things.

My car, Lucky Number Sevenâ„¢, still isn’t back to it’s normal self. There’s a popping sound under the front right tire anytime I accelerate and the driver’s side seat doesn’t move all the way up like it’s supposed to do. Craig, the Douchebag Estimator from ABRA Auto Body in West St. Paul, MN, says it’s from a previous accident where I was hit in the side. That’s only happened once before and it was on the opposite side. Funny how it only stopped working after this previous accident.

Now, I have to take my car back to ABRA Auto Body in West St. Paul to have them fix what they didn’t fix the first time. It wouldn’t be such a big deal, but West St. Paul is not exactly close to where I work and/or live at all, and of course the only time they have someone
there to look at it is during the week. Because that makes a whole hell of a lot of sense.

So, your update? I’m more than frustrated by this whole experience in more ways than one, and I don’t like that due to someone else’s carelessness, I’ve turned into some bitter, angry, ill-tempered, short-fused crabmaster.

But my chiropractor is giving me a note saying I have to get up and move around every 20-30 minutes, which I get to take to my five day sales conference in Phoenix next week. Neato.

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  1. […] I returned to my doctor today with concerns about my shoulder not improving, like I mentioned last week. She tried the same strength tests she tried on me three weeks ago, and I just as I did then, I made her wince in pain with the Herculean strength in my left arm. We did a shoulder x-ray, which will show nothing if my experience in the radiology department counts for anything, and then we’ll be back where we started three weeks ago. […]

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