it may not be worth reading when its all said and done

I’ve been tossing the idea around and finally committed to it this morning at 9:12 am. I’m gonna jump into the whole Nano craze this year. I say this every year, but this is the first time I’ve actually started writing and I’m up to 380 words right now, thank you very much. Only about 29 of them make sense, but it’s more about quantity rather than quality, right? I thought so.

In two weeks, I head to Phoenix for a work conference. I’m less than thrilled about it and for the most part, it’s because I don’t feel like flying for 3 hours and then sitting in meetings for 10 hours a day for four solid days. The training will be more than useful, so I’m hoping my body lets me remain in a seated position for more than two hours at a time without wanting to completely fall apart like it does now.

This was my Halloween costume. I made it all by myself, based off of this. I got the t-shirt here. I have way too many t-shirts, most that will not be appropriate to wear in front of small children and none that would be appropriate to wear to the aforementioned sales conference, where the dress code is listed as “way too fancy for Wendy for the entire time”.

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