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Disclaimer: I know my wreck was nothing compared to some, and I’m so so so thankful that I could walk away from it.

Guess what? You win an update on the latest of my medical woes. And I’ve decided I should put all of these posts together as a script for a TV show and call it ER: Minneapolis.

The results of my CT scan came back and word has it I have a “normal cervical spine”, which is somewhat contrasting to the story I was given in urgent care of: “you have a piece of vertebrae floating around in your neck ligaments”. Ah, when the opinions of two doctors collide! Truth be known, I’m going to have to believe the urgent care doctor based on the fact that the doctor I saw on Thursday had to go ask another doctor for the answers to every question I had. But I’ll deal with that at a later date, I suppose.

The chiropractor has been a miracle worker, and if he weren’t married with 2309 kids, I’d be inclined to ask him to move in with me for no other reason than to do my laundry and fix my back/neck/shoulders every day. He’s just that good.

I hate driving now. This morning, I could have bet the farm on the fact that a Dodge Ram (I’m sure with a Hemi) was going to plow right into the back of my lame-ass non-comparable Pontiac Vibe rental car. Naturally, I tensed up tighter than… well, just tight, because that comparison was entirely too graphic, but you get the picture. My normal flow of driving has been disrupted not only by the smashing up of The Escape, but also by the extreme amount of timidity that’s taken over my daily driving. Not cool, my friends.

Despite occasional dizzy spells where I almost fall down even when standing still, continuing headaches that pop up unannounced and uninvited, even more of a lack of concentration than I had before, the pain in my shoulders that occurs when I do some thing as simple as apply deodorant, and the constant fatigue when I try to do things like laundry or make Jell-O salad, things are actually okay

I’ve had nine doctor’s appointments so far, ranging from CT scans to chiropractor visits to physical therapy. And as of right this very second, I have three more scheduled. Every single day since The Accident, with the exception of yesterday, I’ve been at some form of a health care professional’s disposal. It sucks.

Today’s diagnosis from the physical therapist is impingement syndrome, with a major strain on the Supraspinatus. That’s the top of four tendons that make up your rotator cuff, which is what you need to do things like throw a ball or punch someone. My future as a major league pitcher for the Twins is in jeopardy. How can Joe Mauer and I spend quality time in the backyard throwing the ball back and forth when I’m injured in this fashion?

I had an appointment last week with a nurse practitioner to look at the top of my left foot. It started out as a pain just on the top of my big toe, so I ignored it, but now it’s making it’s way all the way up to my ankle. I didn’t think The Accident was the cause for it, but I’m not sure what else it could be.

All doctors I’ve talked to have said that injuries will just pop up in relation to it as other injuries go away, so I’m not discounting it as something happened to do some asshole’s inattentiveness behind the wheel over two weeks ago. She sent me down to my second home – X-Ray – and it turns out it’s not a broken bone. I could have told her that, but far be it from me to suggest something medical. She didn’t have time to look at my knee, so I scheduled an appointment with a REAL DOCTOR for Thursday, and also scheduled an appointment with the podiatrist to look at my foot. It still hurts and I’m getting impatient for it to heal.

The update on my car is this – they’re fixing it. That’s all I wanted. $5150 worth of damage, but you know what? It’s $5150 well-spent. It should be done by November 2nd according to Reese from ABRA Auto Body’s phone call last week. I called today to follow up on it and turns out today? It’s PAINTING DAY. The Nov 2nd deadline is completely feasible at this point, I would believe.

My biggest concern is kind of weird, but it’s also kinda scary. I’m angry a lot since it happened and I’m paranoid as hell about driving. I think every car is going to smash into me and there’s nothing I can do about it. It probably doesn’t help matters that I’m riding low to the ground in the rental car, as opposed to sitting up off the road a bit in my beloved SUV.

Normally, I’m a very easy going and generally understanding person. It takes a lot to set me off and I take pride in that. For the past two weeks? Holy shit. I feel genuinely bad for people that have said a cross-word to me intentionally or otherwise. I jumped down the throat of the nurse practitioner for asking a stupid question. I wanted to tear the waitress at brunch yesterday a new asshole. I just got mad at my boss and I NEVER get mad at my boss.

If it weren’t for little Riley Pants at home being such a soothing source, I’m not sure what I would do. I’m genuinely angry 85% of the time at someone or something that’s not even within my control. Kinda like getting rear-ended by a careless bastard on my way to work one morning.

(I’ve been writing this for over a week, so if the timing and/or tense doesn’t make sense, that’s why.)

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