friday bullets

  • I’m #8 on Google when searching for Wendy – this rules a lot.
  • The Accident™? It’s made me full of anger and rage, seriously. I don’t like being this angry.
  • I got insurance paperwork in the mail yesterday and it freaked me out. I’m scared to fill out any paperwork at all, because I don’t want something to bite me in the ass six months from now.
  • Due to The Accident™, I now cannot open a child-proof pill bottle because it hurts my shoulder to turn the cap.
  • My first University of Minnesota regular season hockey game is tonight.
  • I was very mean to a nurse practitioner yesterday. I felt bad for 2 seconds, but then I remembered how she told me she didn’t have time to look at my knee and I didn’t feel so bad anymore.
  • Things at my job are really rough right now.
  • Justin Timberlake/P!nk tickets went on sale today. I couldn’t justify spending $82 on one ticket… so I didn’t buy any. Yeah, I know. Shocking. When he finds out, he may not bring SexyBack to the Twin Cities at all.