look at that ass

an ass as usual
Molly, Angie, & me (and our asses)

This is from ye ol’ 10 Year Reunion last month. It kinda took an entire month for the photographer to make the pictures she took available. Odd, I thought, but whatever. That’s why she’s a professional photographer and I’m not, right?

This one, as you can see, is a “proof” and I’m supposed to pay $6 for a 4×6 of it. I probably will, though, because who wouldn’t want a picture of these three hot asses hanging on the wall next to the picture of me and my brother that was taken last Thanksgiving?

The photographer was actually really fun. She wasn’t a fan of those lame ass posed Homecoming dance shots, and just told us to do whatever. It should be painfully obvious that we were clearly being fashion models.

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