the copper cowboy is my bff

Copper Cowboy & MeI always forget how much I love the internet, and I hate it that I have to be reminded how awesome it is by things like the COPPER COWBOY from Chicago emailing me.

How cute is it that he emailed me through Flickr to ask if I could send copies of the pictures I took to him, and then emailed a second time apologizing for bothering me and saying he’d figured out how to download them on his own?

I mean, I heard SexyBack on the way into work this morning, so I had hopes that it would turn into a surprisingly good Monday, but by about noon that had all changed and continued to go downhill when I remembered my normal chiropractor was on vacation and I had to see his partner, Dr. Mike, who for some reason makes my muscles tense up even more.

But then an email from the Copper Cowboy completely turned my night around… at 9pm.

What's up?