the 612 party wrap-up

I tried to let this go with just two sentences, but it was too awesome to leave at that.

The 612 Party, celebrating all things Minneapolis and then some, is easily the best party I’ve been to in months. The Party Cabin is by far my favorite, but you can’t compare one night to a weekend. Considering I didn’t get home until 8 a.m. Saturday morning, though, you could very possibly consider The 612 Party as a LOCK IN!

Cindi hooked us up with her monster-sized party room, which was full of a ton of furniture, awesome mirrors, and was wonderfully decorated with a Minneapolis-motif. Matt was clearly the best bartender in town. As much as I would like to name everyone that was there, I can’t remember because there was a ton of in-and-out traffic. I guess that’s what you get for posting a party invitation for all the internet to see. But it’s good to know it worked!

There were two boys (Ben and Ryan) that showed up at some point that were awesome. Much discussion has taken place about these dudes, and nobody knows anything about them! Normally, that wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but we all really liked them. So, like my cast-fetish boyfriend of sometime ago, I posted an ad on Craig’s List to find them. Yes, it’s that important, because, as the ad says, I really needed to finish my baseball discussion with Ryan.

There are my pictures, Jenni’s pictures, and Desi’s pictures so far. I’ve added half of theirs to my Flickr shopping cart, and I’m sure I’ll have more to add before getting them all printed. I’ve realized I’m not printing out enough pictures, so I hafta start. I’ll really want to be able to show the pictures of The 612 Party to the children I adopt from Kenya, Anarctica, and West Virginia.

The pictures are making me laugh, my all-access backstate pass lanyard is hanging on my bathroom door knob, and I’m making good use of the leftover vodka from the Jello Shot Salad. If nothing else, it should be some good tonight.


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