i didn’t even do anything wrong

Right now, my most favorite car in all the land (my Escape) is about $275 away from getting totaled out. All because some asshole wasn’t paying attention when he was driving. You have no idea how sad this makes me.

I was minding my own business, being a perfect law-abiding citizien on my way to be on time (yes, on time) for work and what happens? I get rear-ended by some jerk who was too busy putting his coffee in the cup holder. And what do I get out of the deal? A swollen neck, more time away from doing any physical activity, two extremely bruised and banged up knees, numb forearms and hands when I try to actually work, and now the possibilty of having car payments once again because the payout on my Escape isn’t going to be anywhere close to buying another SUV like my poor, nameless, crashed-up car.

The mechanic at the car glass installation place that I just talked to hadn’t even noticed that the driver’s side seat was stuck in the recline position, so once he adds that on to the estimate, I can see it taking an extreme turn for the absolute worst (or worse, whatever) and it just fucking infuriates and saddens me all at once.