comparable to what i will never know

When I talked to State Farm Insurance (the insurance company of the ass that slammed into me) several times this past week in an attempt to get a rental car, they assured me I would be put in something comparable to what I was driving. I was driving a Ford Escape.

Yesterday, I find out that they only allow a “Standard” rental car. Enterprise Rent-A-Car, which is where I picked up my car, lists their “standard” cars at a Pontiac G6, Dodge Stratus, or a Pontiac Vibe (which I’m driving now). How on this glorious planet or any of those cars comparable to a small-size SUV?

Three different State Farm Claims Adjusters told me to get something comparable. If it weren’t for Enterprise telling me that the insurance company would only pay for $24.55/day, I would have wound up with an SUV and a very hefty rental bill.

Today when I call the Claims Adjuster that’s associated with my claim, she says, “Oh, I should have probably explained that better.” You think?

com‧pa‧ra‧blecapable of being compared; having features in common with something else to permit or suggest comparison.

Used in a sentence? A Pontiac Vibe is not comparable to a Ford Escape.