probably the best day of my life

Because according to Google, if you search for ‘when two boners touch‘, I’m #5 in all of the internet-land. My dream has come true.

To celebrate, I think I’ll go to Chicago. Oh wait. I was going to do that anyway. My flight leaves in less than six hours. SCORE.

I had to stop to get a copy of the accident report this morning, so I could get this insurance rental car bullshit all straightened out. Here’s a quote, directly from the report, from the guy that slammed into me: “said he was distracted when he looked down to place his coffee cup into the cup holder. When he looked back up, he was unable to stop to avoid a collision. #2 (that’s me) said her pushed her SUV 10 feet forward into #3.”

This explains why I spent some time this morning on the phone with his insurance company arranging a rental car from the airport when I return, as well as letting them know I had a damaged vertebrae and would be heading in to see a chiropractor this afternoon. Suddenly, they were very accommodating about whatever I needed. I should probably call them back, though, and find out what my limitations are on the rental car. Otherwise, I saw a Hummer there last night that might suit me just fine for a couple of weeks.

The current rental car, a Dodge Stratus, isn’t really cuttin’ it, and isn’t really covered by his insurance right now, so I’m dropping it off at the airport today. Good riddance to that 4 cylinder.

I hope I see Oprah this weekend. Or Michael Jordan. Or even Vince Vaughan.

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