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Every time I get x-rays, I always want to ask if I can have copies of them. Why wouldn’t I want an x-ray of my neck framed and hanging in my hallway? Plus, it’d be a whole hell of a lot easier to explain. So, here’s a drawing of what the multiple x-rays showed:


I’m sure you can guess which one mine is.

The doctor said, “Did you play sports as a kid? (dramatic pause) Like football or hockey?” When I answered with a no, he said that unless I’d had any previous neck trauma (which I couldn’t remember when or how) then the injury was the result of yesterday’s collision. Neat.

These particular vertebrae are located at the base of my neck. It hurts a lot. There’ll be follow up with another doctor and probably some therapy, so I’m sure everything will heal in time.

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  1. Rhiannon

    Yo G !! I had three reptured discs last year with a big crappy surgery resulting in an almost 2 month long hospital stay !! Fun !! Sorry to hear about your bad luck !

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