my red bull powered weekend

Or alternately titled “Where i’ve been for the past five days”.

Wednesday: doctor’s appointment where I learned my foot actually isn’t broken and I’ve been lying this whole time, so I have an MRI scheduled for this week. Afterwards, I drove to MO, where I would be until Sunday.

Thursday: Working from my parents’ home. Lunch with my mom. Dinner with the family. Hanging out with one of my best friend’s house.

Friday: Working from my parents’ again. Lots of errand running over lunch for the weekend’s reunion festivities. Running into my old journalism teacher. The Homecoming parade. Tailgating with 1996 alumni and seeing their kids. The Homecoming football game.

Saturday: Decorating for the reunion. A tour of the high school. Visiting family. The reunion.

Sunday: THE TWINS WIN THE DIVISION. I drive home.

Now that I’m home, I wish I could breathe for a second, but instead, I’ll be slammed by work since it’s the last month of our fiscal year and spending my free time at Twins’ playoff games starting tomorrow.

But more later, I’m sure.

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