the black dahlia. or josh hartnett sucks.

I went to go see The Black Dahlia last night.

We did some shopping at Macy’s (ha.) and some dinner and drinks at Ruby Tuesday before our 9:40 movie start time. Since our shopping trip was a miserable failure, much like Josh Hartnett’s acting abilities, we spent a lot of time at Ruby Tuesday. We watched the Twins beat the pants off the Red Sox and celebrated by drinking.

It’s based off the novel of the same name that was inspired by “California’s most famous unsolved mystery”. It’s set in the 40’s and filmed that way. The type of cinematography that was used would have been awesome with really strong actors. i.e. NOT JOSH HARTNETT.

I fell asleep midway through the movie. When I woke up, two girls were going at it with a dildo. You can im agine my confusion. I’m not sure why or what led up to that, but apparently, there was nothing even remotely close to that in the book.

Stephanie explained the differences between the book and the movie to me afterwards. I think she may have been smoking from the ears due to how irate she was with the results.

The only saving grace to the movie? Apparently at this theater, it’s only $6 to go on a weeknight.

Never will I go see a movie that involves Josh Hartnett again, unless it’s a silent film where he wears a bag over his head. I can’t stand his perpetual forlorn look for a two hour movie, and really? That’s the only look he has.


  1. I love the story of the black dahlia but when I heard the movie was out, I thought, how can they make it good? It’s not like they can change the ending on how it happened. It’s a true story for god sakes. You can’t really over dramatize something like that.

  2. stella

    HA! I am watching Black Dahlia via Netflix streaming video. Not even 10 minutes into the film and I felt inspired to Google “Josh Hartnet Sucks!”
    The first link was to this one.
    It’s somehow comforting to know I am not alone in my conclusion.

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