some links to share

One day, I want to get a little sidebar blog action, much like Jodi, so I can have one sentence posts that really aren’t worthy of being their own main post. If that makes sense.

Here are some links that I’ve been obsessing over lately:


  1. kaye

    I prefer pinkisthenewblog to Perez Hilton’s – not really sure why, as both are fairly obnoxious. Even though I check daily.

    I think I send Jenni the letters thing, so if you’d rather, you can blame me. Or else she sent it to me, too. I can’t remember.

  2. I love BOTH Pink is the New Blog and Perez Hilton and read them both daily! Perez has a lot more exclusives and goes to more celebrity events, but I love the way Trent writes — I always laugh at the things he says.

  3. I definitely prefer Pinkisthenewblog to Perez. Trent is much more articulate and writes much better than whoever writes at Perez. I check Pink every single day, lol.

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