our own little anniversary

Yesterday marked one year since I rode from Jordan, MN with a little fat puppy on my lap, trying to come up with a name that fit his personality. While he’d stolen my heart a few weeks before I brought him, it wasn’t until a few days later that the name Riley came to mind and it fit him like a glove.

Since then, I’ve learned that he can only sleep 10 hours without peeing, and he may forget that after a really good night’s sleep. My concern about eating up an entire loaf of bread before it goes bad usually disappears when I’m in the shower and he pulls half a loaf down off the counter to eat for himself. You’d think I’d remember to keep it on top of the ‘fridge, but after three times (the 3rd being today), I guess I still haven’t learned.

I’ve turned into one of the crazy people that talks and, uh, sings to their pet, with absolutely no regard of who may hear what I’m saying or in what self-amusing voice I might happen to be using at a time.

He’s always one of the fastest dogs at the dog park and he can jump high enough that his head is level to mine. It usually takes him about five days to chew through a rawhide bone, but he’ll never dream of hurting any of his overly girly stuffed animals.

While there has been a lot of change in my life over the past year, he’s definitely been the biggest highlight of them all.

I wanted to post some new pictures, but I keep getting some weird I/O error message. Instead, you get the link to his set on Flickr and a few pictures from the beginning in the extended entry.

Checking for two nuts. Turns out only one had dropped to where it was supposed to be, resulting in an extra incision in his abdomen to have it removed… and an extra hefty neutering bill when it was all said and done.


Riley and Snickers (his littermate) in a PetSmart cart. We had to stop at the pet store on the way home to make sure my boy had a leash, and a collar, and about 982 toys. Then, they were both three months old, could both fit in the same shopping cart, and maybe weighed a combined total of 50 lbs. Oh how things have changed.

Riley and I after our first night together. I may have slept a total of three hours that night. Every time he would make the slightest move, I had to wake up and make sure he was still alive. Paranoid much? His ears look so big for his head and I can actually hold him in one arm. Now, he weighs 70 lbs and is still growing.


He was nervous when we first brought him home, but quickly felt right at home as soon as he found a bone. And really, that hasn’t changed much.

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  1. Awww, happy anniversary to you both! You’ve been very good for each other.

    You know, boxers are always cute, but Riley is extra special cute, like dog food package model cute.

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