find me by rosie o’donnell

Guess who’s been reading this summer? Yeah, me! Don’t worry, because I’m surprised, too! It must have started with the David Sedaris books my cousin suggested, and from there, it took off. I’ve read more books this summer than I have in the past three years.

Reading, since probably high school, has been really hard for me. Obviously, I know the words and I know what they mean, but it’s just hard for me to sit with a book for more than a chapter or two and really comprehend what I’m reading. I’d rather read the sports page of the newspaper and memorize stats or a bunch of entertainment websites to find out which celebrity is sleeping with their best friend’s ex-boyfriend/girlfriend. I don’t know why it’s that way, but it explains a lot – school, college, training materials, etc.

Not only do I want to start reading, but I need to start reading. The true-crime books I used to swap back and forth with my grandma kept my interest really well, so I knew I had to find something to start with that would really draw me into the book.

find me by rosie o'donnellFind Me by Rosie O’Donnell is one of the first books I read this summer. I’d been reading Rosie’s blog for a while now, so when she casually mentioned her book in a post she’d made, I figured I’d give it a shot.
I finished the book in less than a week. I read every word in every chapter and even used a bookmark. To me? That’s huge progress.

I don’t really know what I was expecting when I opened the book. It wasn’t humor and a laugh a minute like Ellen’s book, because I knew it wasn’t a book that was meant to generate laughs. Like the title says, it was a book about the author trying to find herself.

The book does skip around – from her childhood, to being a mother, and from being extremely involved in her own charities, to wondering how the success and failures of her life look to her mother that died at an early age. It’s all there in not that many pages at all.

By reading this book, you see more than the former talk-show host obsessing about Tom Cruise and McDonald’s Happy Meal toys. You see what she’s escaping when she was filming the highly successful show for the few years it was still running.

I learned a lot from this book. I learned you can’t hide how you’re feeling or who you are from your true friends; they just know. I learned it’s okay to be yourself and not model your life and actions after what you think other people want; it’s not there life, is it? I learned other things that I’ll keep private, because it’s just as important for me to understand and learn things internally as it is externally.

I also learned that I like reading again, and this book was the first of many that I cracked up this summer. And yes, I left them on the bathroom sink, because that’s where I do most of my reading, okay?


  1. Desi

    First, nice new design! I use an RSS reader so I hadn’t seen it yet. :)

    Second, good review. I read this book a few years ago but I think I might read it again.

    I especially like this part: I learned other things that I’ll keep private, because it’s just as important for me to understand and learn things internally as it is externally. It’s something I’ve been working on a lot lately, and it’s an adjustment for my friends who are used to me telling them literally every thing that happens to me every day. LOL

  2. I’d forgotten all about that book. I meant to read it when it came out a few years ago, and forgot.

    I can’t remember if I recommended Laurie Notaro to you. I think you would love her stuff. She’s similar to David Sedaris, only drunk. And not a gay man. You will laugh your ever-loving ass off. Start with “The Idiot Girls’ Action-Adventure Club”. It’s good bathroom reading. Short chapters.

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