oh right. my blog.

And we’re baaaaaack!

I went to Jersey this weekend and had an awesome time. Like a seriously awesome time.

Hardly anything we planned on doing actually happened, but just hanging out with Zuly and Craig couldn’t have been any better. It was the perfect relaxing vacation that I definitely needed after the past few weeks of crazy crap I’ve had in my neck of the woods. There weren’t many pictures at all actually… which always seems to happen when I’m in Jersey for some reason.

Buuut, being gone over the weekend, I forgot my grandparents’ 60th anniversary, my aunt and uncle’s 35th anniversary, and my cousin and cousin-in-law’s (is that even a word?) 5th anniversary. Looks like somebody, namely me, needs to take a trip to the card store tomorrow. Damn you, Google Calendar for not also buying cards and mailing them out for me.


  1. Craig says “did we even feed her?” I said, “we ate gummi bears.”

    Maybe next year we’ll go directly to a hotel on the beach! In the hurricane, of course.

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