we have drama


Best toys ever, if you ask Riley. The lifejacket-wearing frog is a new addition and now he can’t decide which he likes better – the tattered cow or the purple frog. It’s been an issue for six days now. He walks around whining because he can’t carry them both in his mouth.

I’m leaving on a jet plane in five hours. I still have one load of laundry that needs to magically dry, and I need to have a discussion with whoever decided to make the chance of rain in New York tomorrow 100%. Outdoor baseball is hard to watch with a 100% chance of rain, which makes me think I should pack my poncho that never got used over The 3 Day.

And for fun, some Friday Shuffling:

  1. Keep Walkin’ On – Faith Hill
  2. Light Up My Room – Barenaked Ladies
  3. Got a Man – Chante Moore
  4. Unwind – Pink
  5. Beat It – Michael Jackson
  6. To Be With You – Mr. Big
  7. You Got It (Right Stuff) – New Kids on the Block
  8. Come Get To This – Marvin Gaye
  9. Thankful – Kelly Clarkson
  10. Bump ‘n Grind – R. Kelly

The best part is? I’m not even embarassed by it today.


  1. haha! I was just thinking about Mr. Big the other day. And the hubby is trying to teach Ella the “oh, oh, ohohoh” part of “You Got It”. He’s a sad & twisted man. lol

  2. PeeWee

    NKotB and you aren’t embarrassed?
    Hey, when the game gets rained out, and you can’t make it to the rescheduled game, I will take that ticket off your hands.

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