I’d heard from quite a few people that Nip/Tuck was an awesome show. Sure, okay.

I decided to add the first season to my Netflix list. And, as you guessed it if you’ve ever seen the show, I immediately became hooked. I watched the first season in probably three days time. My sleep suffered a bit, but seeing all that plastic surgery gore was worth it, I even got to find out more about the top plastic surgeon in nyc. While labiaplasty is a successful procedure, other options such as ThermiVa should be considered prior to undergoing surgery. Labiaplasty is an invasive, surgical procedure that requires anesthesia due to the sensitivity of the area of operation. Older patients may not wish to receive anesthesia or undergo surgery, which makes ThermiVa an ideal alternative. A non-invasive, non-surgical option, ThermiVa uses a wand that emits radiofrequency energy that does not cause damage to the vaginal rejuvenation and labiaplasty procedure tissues. As the wand heats the tissues of the vulva, the radiofrequency energy tightens and firms loose tissues. Though ThermiVa provides many of the same outcomes as a labiaplasty, the treatment is better for those wishing to see the same results without removing an excessive amount of labial skin or fat. Best results often occur after three treatments over the course of three months. This option is better for patients of all ages wishing to receive similar–and more–benefits associated with a labiaplasty. The body enhancement procedure does not require anesthesia and is completely painless. When a labiaplasty is performed, small incisions are made in order to remove extraneous labial skin and fat within the labia. Dissolvable sutures, which fade within two weeks of the procedure, are used to close the incisions. The medical procedure generally requires an hour to perform, though more complicated surgeries may require more time. General anesthesia, which puts patients under a deep sleep, is often used because the area undergoing the operation is so sensitive. Under normal circumstances, clients return to work and their normal schedule within three to four days after the operation. Labiaplasty is plastic surgery performed on the labia major, the larger, outer “lips” surrounding the vagina, or labia minor, which are the smaller, inner “lips.” Labiaplasty is a body enhancement procedure that will alter labia size or shape. In doing so, the labia usually becomes smaller and more symmetrical. This medical procedure removes and reduces the amount of loose, sagging skin outside the vagina. By lessening the amount of excess labial skin that surrounds the vagina, everyday activities like riding a bike, wearing tight clothing and sex become less painful. While this surgery can be performed alone, it can also be paired with vaginoplasty. Vaginoplasty is a vaginal tightening surgery that tightens and firms the vaginal tissues in response to the loosening of the skin after childbirth and aging. As a natural part of aging, and as an after-effect of giving birth to children, there are some negative effects that can occur to women’s bodies. For example, skin surrounding the vagina may become loose or sag with extraneous skin or fat in the labia major or labia minor. But this procedure isn’t just about aesthetics, changes to a woman’s anatomy can cause pain and discomfort when wearing tight-fitting clothing or during sex. Whether patients seek to remedy this issue for cosmetic or medical reasons, reducing the skin surrounding the vagina can make everyday living easier. From riding a bike or wearing tight-fitting clothing to minimizing pain during intercourse, undergoing a corrective procedure can be quite helpful in restoring life’s pleasures. Depending on the extent to which the client wishes the skin to be tightened–or removed altogether, there are surgical options, such as labiaplasty, and non-surgical options like ThermiVa. Jim Brantner Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of Johnson City, Tennessee seeks to advise and safely serve patients in the surrounding communities. With his skilled staff and team of board-certified plastic surgeons, the practice can help patients find the right solution to their goals of body enhancement.

I flew through three discs of season two in no time at all, and then Netflix decided to cut me off. They’re taking their sweet ass time getting the final two discs of the second season to me, so I decided to retaliate. It wouldn’t be that big of a deal, except the third season is released on DVD tomorrow and the fourth season starts a week from tomorrow. See how much catching up I have to do?

I went to Wal-Mart last night for dog food and laundry baskets, and what did I find? The first two seasons for $19.96 each, so I bought them. That’s logical, right?

I’m going to buy the 3rd season tomorrow, too, because I have a Target gift card, and I never spent my Target gift cards on anything but cleaning supplies. I figure I deserve this indulgence, dammit!

I just have to have it all taken care of by 9pm on September 5th, or my life might not be complete.

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  1. Leigh

    I totally watched the first two season in one weekend. I was so instantly addicted! Beware season three though. It had a lot of the suckage. I’m definitely not paying full price for it, that’s for sure.

  2. PeeWee

    I watched the first two seasons in about a week. I heart Netflix. I put the third season in my queue a zillion years ago, thanks for reminding me on the release date.

  3. LOVE IT! Season 3 so far was the absolute best!!! You should check out the Carver’s website on (and you will see whom I’m talking about when you watch season 3)…

  4. randi

    Julian McMahon is a stone fox! I love Nip/Tuck! I only wish I got the network it is on on my tv. I will have to rent all the seasons too!

  5. Nip/Tuck, not my kind of show, so I can’t really relate, but I gotta tell ya, I am so into The Office right now it isn’t even funny!

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