I’d heard from quite a few people that Nip/Tuck was an awesome show. Sure, okay.

I decided to add the first season to my Netflix list. And, as you guessed it if you’ve ever seen the show, I immediately became hooked. I watched the first season in probably three days time. My sleep suffered a bit, but seeing all that plastic surgery gore was worth it.

I flew through three discs of season two in no time at all, and then Netflix decided to cut me off. They’re taking their sweet ass time getting the final two discs of the second season to me, so I decided to retaliate. It wouldn’t be that big of a deal, except the third season is released on DVD tomorrow and the fourth season starts a week from tomorrow. See how much catching up I have to do?

I went to Wal-Mart last night for dog food and laundry baskets, and what did I find? The first two seasons for $19.96 each, so I bought them. That’s logical, right?

I’m going to buy the 3rd season tomorrow, too, because I have a Target gift card, and I never spent my Target gift cards on anything but cleaning supplies. I figure I deserve this indulgence, dammit!

I just have to have it all taken care of by 9pm on September 5th, or my life might not be complete.