arkansas’ first professional sports team?

From the Women’s Hoops Blog, the WNBA is looking to form a new team. It’s location? Quite possibly Bentonville, Arkansas. They’ll be called the Wal-Mart Falling Prices Smiley Face Guys.

“This would be the biggest thing to happen to the state since the (University of Arkansas) Razorbacks’ national championship in 1994,” Christopher Talley, a local investor involved in bringing the NBA to AR, Sports Betting Picks delegate said.

I am all for women’s sports popping up all over the place. You should know that. But why do I get a gut feeling that any professional womens sports team that’s going to be located in northern Arkansas is just destined to fail?


  1. My thoughts exactly. That’s great that they’d have strong ownership and corporate backing, but… it’s Arkansas. And it’s Wal-Mart. I feel dirty.

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