not quite broken

Just for good measure, I decided to head into urgent care one more time before they closed tonight. Because the doctor couldn’t touch my foot and send me writhing in pain like I do when I walk, he just gave me a walking cast and a prescription to Vicodin. He also gave me orders to come back if it still hurts in three weeks, because then it could be a stress fracture.

Nobody gets why I’m not mad or sad about this, but c’mon. All I need are a couple liters of liquid and some painkillers and I’m home free. I’m elated. And I’m happy that I did this while helping a greater cause. How nice will it be when one day, after all of our fundraising and walking/limping across the finish line, a couple liters of liquid and some painkillers will be all that’s needed to get rid of breast cancer? I’ll take these battle wounds and wear them proudly, dude.