and then i missed her a lot

clara janeYou probably don’t have much clue as to how much I love this kid. So, I’ll give you an example.

For her first birthday, I sent her a package full of things. One of those things happened to be a piggy bank from IKEA. Every 1 year old needs something from IKEA, right?

The plan, according to The Cuz, was to fill the bank with the new Minnesota quarters. It wasn’t until recently that I started looking for them when I get change.

And then, there I was – standing at the Coke machine yesterday with two quarters in my pocket. I was ready to put the final quarter in, when I just happened to look at it. Yep, you guessed it – a Minnesota quarter. After probably three whole minutes of deliberation, I finally put it back in my pocket.

So, dear Clara Jane, you sent me into caffeine detox yesterday just by merely existing. Minus the Red Bull I needed for breakfast this morning, you managed to probably make my walking experience this weekend a lot more tolerable by depriving me of my caffeine a few days prior.

I owe ya one, kiddo.