slater vs. joey

I’ve never watched Dancing with the Stars. I Tivo too much shit (and yes, it’s all pretty much shit) in the fall as it is. I may have to be moving around my Tivo schedule a bit this year.

Joey Lawrence and Mario Lopez are both going to be on the 3rd season of this lame ass dancing show. I’m only calling it lame ass because the only dancing I love watching involves either 3 year old kids in tap shoes or something that involves a backspin or boy bands.

I might be able to talk my dad into watching, but only because Jerry Springer is going to be on it, too.

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  1. Desi

    I’m sorry, I believe he prefers to be called “Joe” now. Heh.

    I love dancing but have so far avoided this damned show… I may not be able to this year, though, for the same reason as you.

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