monday morning lists are my favorite

  • We just need one more team for my fantasy football league. Sign up information is here, so next person wins! We’ll decide draft info later. Never mind that one.
  • The Cuz has just posted the last auction for her final boobie scarf. Thanks to her mad knitting skills, these scarves have raised $235 so far! Unreal.
  • Alisa is in town the next couple of days, so my plan is to take her some place and get her drunk swing by her hotel and hit diinner and drinks with her.
  • Bowling for Boobs 2? A fun success! Park Tavern made everything so very easy for us.
  • Team Boobylicious has dropped from 12 members to only six that are actually walking. But the six of us? We’re hardcore.
  • Google Calendar? Best invention ever.

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