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Oh, I totally had a dream this morning.

I was helping my dad and my uncle Pete load up a Uhaul truck full of mattresses. We worked for a while and then decided to take a lunch break. We headed into this small deli-type place, where we ordered turkey sandwiches.

I was soon eating by myself, when I looked up and noticed David Ortiz was in the corner. Clearly we were in Boston.

I finished eating and went to throw my trash away when I noticed Nomar Garciaparra. He was walking towards the door, and because Nomar and I are best friends (at least in my dream), I said in my best Jimmy-Fallon-Bostonian-accent, “See ya around, Nomah”.

Of course, he waved as he walked out the door. And at the same time, I happened to turn around and notice Erika sitting at a table reading a book.  See? I was clearly in Boston. I told her about my recent Nomar encounter, and as we looked out the window at him, he waved and threw up some rock hands. What’d I say?  Nomar and I are tight.

Erika and I went back to chat for a while, and then I woke up when it thundered and I got a text message all at the same time.

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